Choose from one of our glamorous Princesses for your next party.

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen born with magic abilities to create snow and ice and is known as the Ice Queen. Accidentally setting off an eternal winter, the Snow Queen realises that love is the key to controlling her magical powers.



Cindy is one of the kindest Princesses.

Even though her evil stepsisters and stepmother prevent her from going to the ball, she has faith that if you keep on believing your wish will come true. With a little bit of help from her fairy godmother she gets the chance to live happily ever after.


Princess Aura

Aura is gentle and loving and was raised by three fairies. She lives in the forest, where she meets the Prince, her one true love

An evil Witch curses Aura to die on her 16th birthday. With the help of her guardian fairies, they free the Prince to awaken Aura with a trueloves kiss.


Mermaid Princess

The Mermaid Princess is independent, headstrong and very determined. She enjoys singing, daydreaming and adventuring.

Rebelling against the King of the sea, she spends a lot of time outside the palace walls where she falls deeply in love with a human Prince. The Mermaid Princess sacrifices all things dear to her for the chance of being with her one true love on land.


Princess Valentina

Princess Valentina is the Princess of all the colourful rainbows in our big, blue sky. Princess Valentina’s favourite colour is purple but when she decorates our sky with a beautiful rainbow she adds lots of different colours to make everybody smile. Princess Valentina arrives at your birthday party in a spectacular ball gown but be sure, if she disappears she’s most likely up high in the sky painting a wonderful, colourful rainbow!


Princess Rose

Princess Rose is the Princess of all the beautiful, bright colourful flowers. Her favourite flower is a gorgeous red rose and that’s why she loves to dress in a dazzling red gown, with her hair embellished with roses. Princess Rose spends her day planting flower seeds and makes special wishes in order for the flowers to blossom ever so brightly. When Princess Rose arrives at your party she brings a touch of Princess dust and well wishes in order for your flowers to blossom just like hers!


Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella is the Princess of dancing. She loves to gallop, twirl and waltz wherever she travels and also loves to teach all the other Princesses how to dance as wonderfully as she does. Princess Isabella in her sparkling blue Princess dress will arrive at your party ready to teach you and all your wonderful guests how to dance in style just like her!


Princess Arabella

Princess Arabella is the Princess of all the Diamonds around the world. She sparkles ever so brightly as she wears diamond jewels from head to toe. She lives in a beautiful royal Palace where she loves to make lots of jewellery and keep all the diamonds in the world safe. Princess Arabella brings lots of sparkle to your birthday party and makes every child sparkle just like her.


Princess Beauty

Princess Beauty is super intelligent, beautiful and different from all the other girls that live in her small Village. Princess Beauty longs for a life of adventure and discovers just that after she rescues her father from a terrifying Beast.
Princess Beauty learns of the Beasts caring nature and breaks the enchanted spell by falling in love with him.

What the Parents Say

  • Dream a Princess - if you want your little princess or prince to be on cloud nine Dream a Princess is the perfect place to start!! Fabulous entertainer. Queen Elsa made Chiara the happiest girl alive today!! Thanks for stopping by!!

    Rose Greco 7th December 2014
  • Thanks so much to princess rose and spider man today!!! You guys were amazing and the kids had a ball!!! Best of the best!!! Beautiful inside and out!! Thanks so much for yesterday! You guys rock!!! I was blown away with the entertainment!! Can't thank you enough!!! Parents very impressed!!

    Vivian Chahda 21st November 2015
  • Adriana is not only a natural born beauty, she is also a great entertainer for all ages. All the kids at the party were engaged and had a great fun time to dancing, playing games and learning how to be a princess. We can't thank her enough for helping us to have a successful birthday that both kids and adults would be talking about for awhile. We would highly recommend this professional beauty to all of you. You won't be disappointed!!

    Julia Meng 7th November 2015
  • Absolutely amazing. She is so beautiful and kept the girls entertained. They all had a great time. Thank you so much!

    Beck Alexander 10th January 2016
  • We had Adriana come today for my daughter 5th birthday. Omg she is sooooo amazing. Very professional and very much in character. Adriana is such a beautiful person. I would hands down recommend this company for your next birthday.

    Sonia Catelli 10th April 2016
  • Thank you again Adriana. ... Victoria had a wonderful party

    Rozanna Willenberg 14TH Febuary 2016
  • I seriously cannot speak highly enough about Cinderella from @dreamaprincess. You made Milana one happy Princess. Every mum needs her in their life.

    Jade_kmakeup 5th August 2016
  • You were fabulous. Thank you so much!!!

    Kids Fashion Blogger 7th May 2017